Storage Dedicated Server

Our Storage Dedicated Servers offer the ideal solution for extensive data storage needs. With high-capacity storage spaces and performance-oriented hardware, these servers ensure that your data is stored securely and efficiently. Businesses and individuals can manage large datasets, backups, archives, and media files effortlessly with our servers, specifically designed for substantial storage demands. Our Storage Dedicated Servers utilize advanced RAID configurations and SSD/HDD combinations to guarantee data integrity and high availability. These servers provide redundant storage solutions that minimize the risk of data loss while offering high-speed access and processing capacity. Your critical business data is protected by robust encryption techniques and security protocols, ensuring maximum protection against both physical and cyber threats. With a powerful infrastructure and flexible configuration options, OpSec.Ac Storage Dedicated Servers perfectly align with your growing data needs. They offer an ideal solution for meeting storage requirements without stretching your budget. Trust OpSec.Ac for secure, reliable, and cost-effective storage solutions.

60 TB 1 GBPS Unmetered OPSSD10

€400 / EURO


€0 Setup Fee

CPU: E5-2670V3 (Total Cores 12 / Total Threads 24 / 2.30 GHz)
HDD: 250GB SSD + 6×10Tb HDD
BANDWIDTH: 1Gbps Unlimited

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